Monday, November 2, 2009

Project Two :: Round 2 Iterations

In class

  • 15 min: find+share
  • 1 hour: for coding / finishing flash test #1
  • 1 hour: create interaction model(s) in a 3 dimensional model


  • Continue brainstorm / rapid prototype #2.
    Tests can be html/css/javascript vs flash, or a combination of both.
  • Reading: Windows & Mirrors, from Introduction 2-7, to Wooden Mirror 32-34 on e-reserve
  • Post 3d interaction models to blogs

To access e-reserves complete the following steps:

-log onto the KCAI Library Catalog

-under Other Options/Course Reserves: choose instructor name

-search by the instructors last name (eppelheimer)

-select "multimedia experience"

-select "windows and mirrors"

-Log-in to the Library Catalog (enter your name, campus ID and campus code) and then it asks you to enter your Course Password -- media

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