Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Project Two :: Round-Up Crit

In class
  • discuss reading
  • group crit on all rapid prototypes. 10 min each, max.

  • Revise idea based on crit feedback. Go back to sketch mode, iterating widely and creating a range of wireframe layouts that utilize your chosen functionality.
  • Reading: The Language of New Media, pp 63-78 (stop at "Cinema" subsection)
    The reading is at the library under my reserves, or you can get a PDF through the kcai library site (direct link). The reading is called "The Interface" and the password is "media".

  • Post two screen grabs of each of your ideas, each showing different states of interaction. That will give you a rough total of six screen grabs -- show at least 3 ideas, more if you have 'em. Provide a brief explanation for how each idea works to supplement your images.

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